Deep Soul Journey Sessions

Bringing to the surface for healing and clearing

Mp3 Audio Recording + Affirmations + Dietary Suggestions

+ Homework + Soul Symbol 

2 Hours + 30min follow-up (optional)/ $222 CAD

Process of Reading

Be prepared to enter an ancient world where all the tools, resources, and assistance needed for your evolution resides. This “Soul Realm”  is created from a fusion of the subconscious-astral- and human psyche, and a Deep Soul Journey is one of the ways to navigate, interact and

create change from the Soul out!



  • I collect plants, herbs,and flowers intuitively (with elemental guidance) for my client from the land placing them in a shell with  water on the altar

  • Salt water is placed under the altar to draw out unwanted energies 

  • The space is smudged(energetic clearing)with palo santo or sage

  • A candle is lit in the center of the shell welcoming my clients presence to the space.

  •  Theta meditation i s done to assist grounding and a clear connection to source energy and perspective.

  • A deep trance state occurs

  • An opening prayer and intention for the journey ahead



  • Opening encounter initiates contact between me and my client in an astral environment eg. cave, doorway, island, standing in a river etc. which is metaphoric to what is current for them.

  • Find, greet, and inquire with client  to uncover where the "point of challenge" is hiding, and the work begins!

  • I navigate, investigate, interact, question, seek perspectives in  this world. Using intuition & information I request from my clients astral self, and spirit from guides/totems. It is much like lucid dreaming in ones psyche where me as the dreamer can access any information and help I need using intuition and direct questions. Beliefs  or entities which are causing disturbance, stagnation or sabotage are surfaced, cleared.



  • Counter affirmations will reveal themselves to assist with reprogramming (available in notes)

  • A power symbol or sigal will appear as a gift (available in notes)

  • Homework will be given at some point during the session or after (available in notes)

  • Dietary, stone, essential oil & colour suggestions are brought to my awareness at the closing meditation

  • MP3 Recording is created with a detailed account of journey from the notes  taken during session. This provides an incredibly accurate account that truly allows the listener to have a complete guided journey.



  • Finishing & closing I return  to where the session began and say farewell   

  • Clearing my own energetic connection to my client allowing us both to be in  our own sovereign fields again. Only during the integration call may I access information  again with permission to provide any more details needed.



So, are you ready?

Want to explore if this session is right for you?

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